Kopin’s Structure

Kopin is directed by a board and staffed by a multi-national team of individuals dedicated to the cause of eradication of poverty and social injustice through sustainable development and education.

Our ranks also include interns and volunteers equally committed to our goal, and who support the executive team.

Kopin’s Board Members

William Grech
William GrechExecutive Director and Board Member
William Grech has been active in the development cooperation field since 2002 and participated to several activities and trainings on a wide spectrum of issues related to development cooperation and global education. Within Kopin, he reports to the Board and the General Assembly and is mainly responsible for the strategic planning and the overall administration of the organization. William was appointed Executive Director in July 2013 and he and he had previously fulfilled the role of Coordinator between January 2009 and June 2013. He is also very active in the design of project proposals, networking, capacity building, advocacy and research.

William is also a member of the Board of SKOP (the National Platform of Maltese Development NGOs), a member of the Maltese AidWatch working group and of the Development Education and Awareness Raising working group. In the past, he collaborated with Inizjamed on a voluntary basis.

William has a first degree in Maltese and is currently reading for a Masters in European Ecomomics, Politics & Law. In his free time, William enjoys reading, travelling, good food and spending time by the sea. He has a keen interest in Italian football, especially strategy and tactics, the arts and global politics.

Dominik Kalweit
Dominik KalweitDeputy Executive Director and Board Member
Dominik is Kopin’s Vice Executive Director and Director for Projects and Initiatives. He holds a Diploma (ISCED 7) from the University of Augsburg, Germany, in Political Science and Communication Sciences and has been active in international development cooperation, education and human rights related fields since 2005. In his work, he focuses on strategic planning, project development and management, networking, training, advocacy and research. Dominik is also an active member (board, working groups) of Malta’s Development NGO platform SKOP and a volunteer for the Kenya Support Programme of Inizjamed. In his free time, Dominik enjoys outdoor activities with his family, friends and dogs, travelling, good food and the sea. He has a keen interest in other cultures, education and experiential learning as well as global politics.
Ruth Baldacchino
Ruth Baldacchino Board Member
Ruth is ILGA World’s Co-Secretary General. They have been involved in activism and advocacy work in Malta, Europe and globally for the past 15 years, and served on a number of boards including ILGA, ILGA-Europe, IGLYO and MGRM. Ruth is also Program Officer for the Intersex Human Rights Fund at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. They are responsible to lead the Fund’s grantmaking, capacity building and philanthropic advocacy to support and strengthen intersex activism globally. Prior to joining Astraea they worked at the Maltese Ministry for Civil Liberties in the areas of human rights and integration, where they were actively part of the process towards the passing of the groundbreaking Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Sex Characteristics Act. Ruth holds an M.A. in Women’s Studies from University College Dublin and a B.A. (Hons.) in Sociology from the University of Malta. They lecture Queer Studies at the University of Malta.
Michael Gatt
Michael GattBoard Member
Michael Gatt is a university graduate in education and educational leadership. He is an educator and administrator by profession and works as an assistant head in a state primary school. He is one of the founders of Kopin and SKOP, the National Platform of Maltese NGDOs. He was Kopin’s first coordinator between June 2000 and December 2008 and the Platform’s first coordinator, until May 2007.

Michael has been involved in different development NGOs since 1983 and has participated in various activities and campaigns, occupying different roles along the years. His main interests are advocacy work in relation to development policy, as well as capacity building. He has represented Kopin in seminars and meetings both locally and on a European level, and has experience in a number of development cooperation initiatives. He is Kopin’s liaison officer with Eurostep and Social Watch. He is also the coordinator of SKOP’s AidWatch Working Group.

Alex Mamo
Alex MamoBoard Member
Alex is a Certified Public Accountant providing corporate services, management consultancy and related services. Alex is a fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants, member of the Malta Institute of Management and has an MA degree in Financial Services from the University of Malta. Within Kopin, he provides advice and assistance on financial matters related to the administration of the organisation and its projects.

In his private life, he enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as pursuing his woodwork, guitar and other hobbies.

Kopin Executive Team

Michelle Calleja Chehab
Michelle Calleja Chehab
Michelle is half Austrian, half Lebanese and has lived in Malta for more than a decade. She studied at the University of Malta, at the University of Bologna and holds an LLM in Human Rights Law from University College London(UCL). She has been with Kopin since January 2015.

Michelle speaks German (Austrian), English and Italian (enough to order wine). She coordinates the SUSY(SUstainability Solidarity economY) project, works on the Bodyless project and is also the Fundraising Officer for Kopin.

Her interests are the MENA region, social economy, human rights law, minority and indigenous rights, comparative constitutional law, refugee support, anthropology, snorkelling and travelling.

She also very much loves her dog Herbie who was a stray and is now the happiest dog in the world.

Maria Di Domenico
Maria Di Domenico
Maria has a Bachelor degree in Economics of European and International Integration and a Master in Political Economy from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. During her studies, Maria developed a special interest for statistics, economic inequalities and economy of migration, for which the latter two became the main focus of her Master thesis.

Before moving to Malta, Maria worked in various fields. Between September 2014 and April 2015, she was an intern with Kopin, following which she started working as Project Coordinator for the organisation. More recently, Maria has also been engaged in the organisation’s administration.

Eager to learn new things about the world, and being ‘allergic to sports’, Maria enjoys reading, cinema and travelling.

Federica Di Giulio
Federica Di Giulio
Federica has an educational background in Cultural Mediation and Development Cooperation and holds an MA in International Studies. She has been working with Kopin since 2013 as a project manager and activity coordinator within different projects, focusing mainly on Development Education, Migration and Children’s Rights. In January 2016, she has taken on the role of Head of Education Department.

She is primarily involved in the planning, supervision and implementation of educational and awareness-raising initiatives targeting the general public as well as primary and secondary schools and University, focusing on topics related to sustainable development, global citizenship, human rights and migration. She also supports the team in the development of international projects and the delivery of trainings on a variety of topics. Federica coordinates Kopin’s volunteers supporting unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors and refugee women in Malta.