We work hand-in-hand with a number of local and international organisations. Below is a list of past, current and/or ongoing partners.

Aġenzija Appoġġ (Malta)
Amani Kibera (Kenya)
AWAS (Malta)
CARDET (Cyprus)
CCRDA (Ethiopia)
CISV Torino (Italy)
COSPE (Italy)
CSV Marche (Italy)
Department of International Relations, University of Malta (Malta)
DegreePlus, University of Malta (Malta)
EDA (Ethiopia)
EECMY-DASSC (Ethiopia)
Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants (Malta)
Institute for European Studies, University of Malta (Malta)
Integra Foundation (Malta)
Malta Police Force – Vice Squad (Malta)
Mediacoop (Malta)
Ministry of Education and Employment – Department of Quality and Standards in Education (Malta)
NGO Support Centre (Cyprus)
People for Change Foundation (Malta)
Polish Green Network (Poland)
SKOP – The National Platform of Maltese NGDOs (Malta)
SOS Malta (Malta)
Suas Educational Development (Ireland)
Südwind Agentur (Austria)
TerraFirma Collective (Malta)
Terre des Hommes International Federation
School of Medicine, University of Western Sydney (Australia)
UNHCR Malta (Malta)
WCDO (Ethiopia)