The EU is failing to deliver on the promise to “leave no-one behind”.
An increase of ODA is reported again by the EU and its Member States in 2016 (27% increase over 2 years) but this needs to be put in perspective. If in 2016, the spending costs for migrants, refugees and securitisation, which are all reported as aid, have increased, this spending actually correspond to inflated aid and not ‘genuine’ aid.
The EU and its member states are still missing the target – we need to provide more and better aid, and we need to do it now. At this pace we are not delivering fast enough, and we are not delivering ‘genuine’ aid reaching people in developing countries.


What is AidWatch?
Since 2005, development NGOs from all EU countries have come together every year to produce the annual AidWatch report. CONCORD AidWatch monitors aid expenditure and formulates recommendations on the quality and quantity of aid provided by EU Member States and the European Commission. It is a core document in Concord Europe’s yearly advocacy, both at EU and national level. The report provides the data and refined analysis to hold EU leaders accountable for their commitments to dedicate 0.7% of their Gross National Income to development assistance and to use this aid in a genuine and effective way.