Kopin provides collaboration, networking and partnership opportunities to other civil society organisations, interested individuals, educational organisations, national and international public institutions as well as the private sector.

We offer a space for volunteers to become active in sustainable development projects, to provide support to refugee children and women in Malta and to engage in formal and non-formal education & awareness raising activities both in Malta and internationally.

Furthermore, over the past seven years, Kopin has been offering internship opportunities to numerous students from the University of Malta as well as from other European and international universities, engaging them in meaningful work experiences that allowed them to utilise their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the social spheres.

Thanks to our projects, Kopin has also been able to employ professionals of various backgrounds and expertise who have been working with us as project managers, researchers, field officers, cultural mediators, trainers and administrators.

Last but not least, we provide our supporters – the so-called Friends of Kopin – with regular information about issues that are of matter to our work, our mission and our shared values, both from a national and an international perspective.

Please contact us on if you wish to become involved with Kopin.