Within the frame of the project “MEDEVNET – Capacity and synergy building for Development among non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) in Greece, Cyprus and Malta” (2010-2011), research had been conducted on issues related to knowledge and opinion about international development cooperation (IDC) of Maltese non-governmental development organisations (NGDOs) and local councils (LCs).

The aim was to obtain information from Maltese CSOs which are active on issues related to development (global poverty issues, at large) and/or migration, and from local councils, about organisational structures, focus areas of work, knowledge about development policies and their opinions about related matters.  The gathered information then served to develop a picture of Maltese development NGOs’ work, obstacles and priorities, and of LCs in terms of the extent they had already been involved in development cooperation, if at all.

This publication has been written by Dominik Kalweit, in collaboration with Mario Gerada, Angie Farrugia and William Grech, on behalf of the Maltese non-governmental development organisation Kopin and SKOP – The National Platform of Maltese NGDOs.


The project “Capacity and Synergy building among NGDOs and LAs in Greece, Cyprus and Malta for development” was funded by the European Commission and the Co-financing Funds for Local Authorities and Civil Society Organisations of the Government of Malta.
The printing and dissemination of this publication is in collaboration with TRIALOG, with the financial assistance of the European Commission and the Austrian Development Agency.


Copying and using of the material does not require any consent of the publishers provided that such actions serve non-profit and teaching purposes and that the materials are not being sold to third parties. Readers are encouraged to quote or reproduce material from this document for their own publications.  Kopin and SKOP request due acknowledgement and a copy of the publication.

Cite: Kalweit, Dominik for Kopin & SKOP (2010). Maltese NGOs, Local Councils & International Development Cooperation. Gżira. Malta

October 2010 (Research) / November 2012 (Print)