EAThink – Eat Local, Think Global

The Eat Neat Video Feat - Video Competition Winner   General overview Based on the motto “Eat local, think global”, EAThink2015 is a three-year project that aims to prepare students to face their role as active global citizens, starting from the choice of what they eat. Today 800 000 people go hungry every day, while, [...]

Little Book Makers

Little Book Makers Through the project 'Little Book Makers', Kopin is going to offer arts and crafts sessions to kids aged between 8 - 12 years old starting from April throughout June 2018. Using paper craft and printing activities facilitated by two professional artists, children will be exposed to working with their hands, exploring creativity  [...]


The Befriending Programme The Befriending Programme is a volunteering programme aimed at helping third country nationals and beneficiaries of protection build relationships with local people in Malta, improving integration and promoting cross-cultural exchange and understanding. What will it involve? Participants will take part in training, outings and activities over a period of six months. Once [...]


  artMuse is an exhibition including the works created by a group of inmates at the Corradino Correctional Facility as participants of a Community Art Project held together with Charmaine Zammit (educator of the project and artistic curator of the exhibition) during the summer of 2017. The project, entitled entitled “InterESTing Youth @ CCF. The [...]

Interns and Volunteers

Interns & Volunteers 2016/2017 As in all years our team was very grateful to welcome many great volunteers and interns among us who enriched our work immensely and who offered their skills and capacities in contributing to our Vision and Mission. Here’s some feedback we have received from our interns: Why did you want to [...]

Tool M&E Up

Tool M&E up! finds its roots in the shared need to raise the quality of designing and implementing learning activities for young people. This will help to reach a sustainable impact especially in the fields of active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity and integration on the labour market, all priority directions for the youth [...]


Between January and April 2017, Kopin implemented the project “TEAM SD - Training Educators About Migration and SustainableDevelopment” The aim of TEAM SD was to foster and promote with Maltese formal educational professionals, education that builds the notion global citizenship. TEAM SD, and in collaboration with the Curriculum Department of the Ministry for Education and [...]

No Profit #EU Skills

In collaboration with its Italian partner CSV Marche, Kopin started implementing the project “No Profit #EUSkills”. The aim of the project is to improve the capacities of NGO professionals’ and volunteers in EU project development and management, networking, and other areas related to the field of social planning. Kopin hosts about three groups a year, [...]

ECoSMS-Empowering Citizens of Small Member States

Within the time frame of 18 months, the project examines whether and to what extent citizens of the three small EU member states feel that they have diminished influence as citizens of the European Union. Additionally it explores the way such views influence and affect their participation to the EU at practical level (i.e. electoral [...]


Kopin coordinated two photography-based projects this year and last. The projects named YEP! and YEeP! had similar a design but a slightly different impact. The main activity of both was a short photography course facilitated by renowned photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi. Every participant was provided with a compact camera, which they were allowed to [...]